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Why Immo Portugal?

The purchase of a second house abroad is often accompanied by a considerable investment and, moreover, for most people it is a “once in a lifetime” event. So it is very important that you can make this purchase in confidence with the right partner. Immo Portugal is the reference when it comes to new construction projects on the Silver Coast in Portugal for more than 12 years.

Since 2006, and as one of the first Belgian brokers, Immo Portugal is active in the most attractive part of the Silver Coast: the region from the Óbidos lagoon until just past Nazaré. Here you will find an ideal mix of nature, culture and daily life. We have excellent market knowledge that we make fully available to our customers.
Immo Portugal
If you choose for Immo Portugal, you will work with a partner who will guide you from A to Z. Immo Portugal is physically established in Belgium (Antwerp) and Portugal (São Martinho do Porto ).

We do everything internally. It is not like this that you arrive at a local intermediary in Portugal and we are only a “branch” or a “partner” of this real estate. We guide you in all phases of your purchase and construction with our own team (first meeting, guided tour on site, choice of materials via the after-sales service, …).

Immo Portugal does not stop after the purchase. For example, we help our customers further with furniture packages to arrange their homes as they wish, renting their second home, choosing the right partner for property management and many other practical aspects.

With Immo Portugal, you have the insurance to rely on a partner who fulfils all the legal obligations. Immo Portugal has both BIV (Belgium) and AMI (Portugal) recognition. This gives you the guarantee that everything is fine, legally and ethically.

Immo Portugal works, mainly exclusively, with solvent local builders with more than 25 years of experience in new construction. The quality of your apartment or villa is therefore guaranteed, thanks partly to the strict legal rules on new construction imposed by the authorities in recent years.

Builders provide bank guarantees for the construction of condominiums (projects with different co-owners such as than an apartment building). ) and with the villas you do not pre-finance. You pay after the completion of a certain phase of your project. On the financial level, you are 100% secure.

If you buy through Immo Portugal, you are also sure that you will be the 100% owner of your property. Your title deed is registered by notarial deed. So you can do with your good what you want (rent, resell, …) and buy how you want. As an individual, via a company, with your children, …
Immo Portugal
Immo Portugal
A purchase of a villa through Immo Portugal stands for transparency: from the start there are clear contracts: a contract for the purchase of the land and a contract for the construction, clearly linked to each other. You first become the full owner of the land and then the construction starts. It is very important to have both contracts at the moment that you put the first signature, so you will not be faced with any surprises regarding terms and budgets. We strongly advise against buying a land ‘and then seeing how you build’, this opens the door for unpleasant legal and technical building experiences.

Immo Portugal employs employees who are born and raised locally in Portugal, which also allows us to really understand the local culture and so we can look for investment opportunities for our customers through our integration and our extensive network on site. A real win-win situation for both our customers, ourselves and the local population.

Immo Portugal only chooses projects at AAA locations. We do not offer B locations. This means that you can enjoy a holiday in a prime location no further than 15 minutes from the coast or a major city, or that you make an investment that generates a good return, given the easy lettability. We consider this to be extremely important, also in order to be able to acquire good added value in the event of a later resale.
Immo Portugal
Via the Immo Portugal membership card, the customer also benefits from local partners, such as a free appetizer in certain restaurants and discounts at selected partners. This way our customers are integrated into the local atmosphere and experience and this is greatly appreciated by the “locals”. Customers who, on top of that, make extra publicity and introduce a customer, are rewarded even more via the golden membership card.

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