The story of Magalie & Stijn

Magalie & Stijn left their home country to pursue their dream. Hereby their True Story that we want to share with you.

As a couple we had been dreaming for years about moving abroad with our three children to start our own business there. Of course, taking that final step is not done day by day, but it takes some time. But after losing my job as a medical secretary, I ended up in a negative spiral. I couldn’t handle this and I got into a depression in this way. This made me think enormously about “The Sentence” of life. Postponing that dream that we had, became no longer an option for me. I learned from this that we should all be able to determine our lives ourselves. All this meant that I was determined to take this step and follow our dream. The only question was where we would land.

We started our search for a new base in Spain, but we did not feel the connection and we did not find what we were looking for. Shortly thereafter we traveled to Portugal. This was love at first sight. The beautiful nature, culture and friendly people that we found in Portugal have convinced us to sell our house in Belgium and to build via Immo Portugal on the Portuguese Silver Coast.

After a search on Google, we ended up with Immo Portugal. That Tim Demeyer was a common friend, immediately gave us confidence. My urge was to “experience” Portugal. I really wanted to go taste this place, see it, experience it, … During our drive from Lisbon to Saõ Martinho do Porto we were already enchanted. The beautiful nature here, something we could never find in Spain, was already a world of difference. This immediately gave me a home feeling. It literally and figuratively gives you more oxygen!

On day 2 we had an appointment with An-Sofie in the office of Immo Portugal around 10 am. At 5 pm our signature was on paper for the purchase of our house. The good feeling was completely correct and our dream could start. We gave up our job to lay the foundations from Belgium for our new company: “Full House Management”. An-Sofie helped us very well in setting up our business. She put us in contact with an accountant and other necessary parties to realise the start-up. She was not only the saleswoman of our house but also the person who helped us set up the business.

Meanwhile, we are well settled in the beautiful Portugal and “Full House Management” has been fully active since March 2017. You can count on “Full House Management” for the complete management of your holiday home. As “Belgian Portuguese” we offer you an optimal service in your own national language and we will try to help you with any problems and meet all your needs.
Good communication is central to “Full House Management”. Add to that the fact that we left a strong dose of Belgian work mentality when we left our home country and then you know that “Full house management” stands for fulfilling agreements and managing your holiday home with the utmost care.

“Our thoughts determine us what we achieve or don’t achieve. That we are happy or not happy. But not only that, many stay with the thoughts and because of this there is no action. No action gives little or no results. So you have a dream go after it and live it, don’t let it die in your head! Get out of your head and step into your life.

Magalie Dhondt & Stijn Mahieu
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Travessa Duque de Wellington 5, 2510-050 Óbidos.
Tel. PT: +351 910 893 714 – Tel. BE: +32 476 50 53 52