The story of Walter

"Walter Bauwens has found his way to Portugal after years of breaching his health and by ignoring his" Work / Life Balance ".

In 1996 I started my management company where I started coaching companies in the field of “Sales Performance” in close collaboration with E&Y. The intention was to prove that you can get results quickly if you “go all out” and always put the customer first. Soon I got the taste and started with several interim management assignments where I actively carried out assignments for clients.

At the same time the interim management agency “3W Direct Management Solutions was born (”

We promised our customers to manage within 48 hours to offer a fast, reliable and affordable independent expert for any management problem. “The rat race” was now completely started and we grew fast.
In 2006, Adecco partially took over the company with the request that I would remain on board for another three years. Between 2006 and 2009, we grew into the largest interim management company in Belgium.

All this, however, had a price. Especially on a personal level. I couldn’t relax anymore and I ended up in a real “Burn-out” in 2006. Fortunately I had discovered the age-old technique of Yoga and Meditation to cope with this.

After Adecco had finally taken over the company in 2009, I decided to travel and discover what was “still” going on on this “globe”. I first traveled to India and Nepal. Here I found exceptional energy and people and could place everything in a different perspective. In Europe it was the turn of France, southern Spain and Portugal.

The positive energy I had experienced in Nepal was found in Portugal in the Algarve and on the Silver Coast. You also notice it in the people and culture in the country: cordial, open, friendly and interested. When I was traveling in these countries I became completely “Zen” and felt totally happy.

In 2011, Adecco asked me to come back to further develop “3W Direct Management Solutions”. The challenge was once again to achieve results on one hand and to maintain a balanced and happy life on the other. Adecco always puts the “well-being” of its employees first and with good agreements on flexible working hours, I accepted this challenge.

It was a lucky coincidence that I came into contact with Immo Portugal at the beginning of 2013, which brought me back to Portugal. This time concrete proposals were worked out into investments. An-Sofie and the team of Immo Portugal both know the Algarve and the Silver Coast down to the smallest details and have guided me to realize my ultimate dream. My wife was very critical about this foreign adventure, but after talking to both local people and other Belgians, the objections literally melted like snow in the sun.

Since then we regularly go to Portugal to enjoy. Work and Life is therefore permanently in balance. If you want to experience this for yourself, Immo Portugal offers the possibility to stay a few days or a week in our villa in Nazaré with a unique view over the Atlantic Ocean.

My dream now is to offer managers and / or busy people a holistic coaching in combination with healthy food, yoga and massage. I recently obtained my certification as a Yoga Teacher and me & my wife want to invite small groups to Portugal twice a year to restore the balance between mind and body.

Feel free to contact me on [email protected] or through mobile: +32 475 50 20 22 for more information, or take a look at the website


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