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We had a dream. In 1990-1992 we came to Portugal with the camping car during the summer. We immediately fell in love with the country and in particular with the Silver Coast. In December 2014 we came in contact with Immo Portugal via the internet. They listened to our wishes and brought us to our dream project in São Martinho do Porto! Both our lawyer Rui and our contacts in Belgium and Portugal: Ana, An-Sofie, Luis & Rita made us feel at ease and ensured smooth guidance. A DREAM CAME TRUE!

Carla e Danny

A big thank you for your projects, the choice of your partners and the follow-up of the whole process. It was very good, we are happy to have trusted on you.

Nadine e Jean-Pierre

We appreciate very much the quality of service & work performed by Immo Portugal. We have now already 3 positive experiences with them!


On our first visit to the Antwerp office, we immediately felt what we wanted. Thanks to the good guidance in Portugal we found the house of our dreams. The purchase was handled smoothly and correctly. Immo Portugal is very professional in this. Even after the purchase, we could always contact them for questions. In short, I have not regretted for a second that we have partnered with Immo Portugal.

Kathleen e Filip

For us it was already clear for a while, we wanted our own place in the south of Europe. We had been looking for years. One day we read in the newspaper that there was a Second Home Fair in Brussels next weekend and by coincidence we had also brought a flyer from Immo Portugal. Once home we visited the website of Immo Portugal and we were both surprised by the offer so we made an appointment at the office in Antwerp. Taking into account our budget there was certainly a project that was interesting for us. Our own house with private swimming pool: was our dream becoming true? An appointment was made to view the project on site at the Silver Coast. The day of our visit we were offered a plot with a view of a sun-drenched valley that stretched for miles. We looked at each other and we knew this is the plot on which we want to build our house. On the same day everything was quietly discussed again at the office of Immo Portugal and the contract was signed. Immo Portugal also explained to us that it is important to have a good lawyer. They gave us the address of a lawyer who specialises in real estate. It turned out to be an experienced lawyer who ensured that the purchase of the construction land went smoothly. For the construction of our house, Immo Portugal proposed a technical contact, namely Luis, who was going to do the follow-up for us. From the first to the last day, Luis assisted us with his professional knowledge, good advice and cordiality in the construction of our house. And even now that our house is ready, we can still appeal to him. Since April 2016, our house is ready and we fully enjoy our dream house and its surroundings. The people here are friendly, life here still has real values. Thank you to the entire team of Immo Portugal for helping us having realized our dream house.

Gigi e Marc

Thanks to Immo Portugal, we have been able to realize our dream of a holiday home abroad. From the very beginning, the purchase of the building land, they have helped us through all legal and administrative concerns. Via Immo Portugal we kept in touch with the construction company and were able to follow the progress of the construction. Building a house abroad does not seem so obvious, but with the help of Immo Portugal everything went smoothly.

Carine e Dirk

We responded to an advertisement from Immo Portugal in the newspaper and made an appointment in Belgium. After our first interview, our interest was optimal. We decided to take an option and left for Portugal. We were warmly welcomed by An-Sofie, who offered us the various options correctly and professionally. This one in Salir do Porto appealed to us the most. Quiet location and within walking distance of the beautiful bay in São Martinho do Porto! We were kept professionally informed after the sale and during the construction. Thanks to the team of Immo Portugal, we have our own place and we fully enjoy it!

Kristin e Paul

In January 2012, we met An-Sofie from Immo Portugal who proposed different projects. We fell in love with the Silver Coast right away and 1 week later, we signed up for our dream. 4 Years later, we are partnering again with Immo Portugal to build our 2nd project. What I appreciate about Immo Portugal is that they share enthusisasm & passion to make your dream come true and that is what matters in true partnership that you can trust!


We are very glad with our purchase in Nadadouro, a beautiful village near Foz do Arelho. We found the plot via An-Sofie of Immo Portugal and are very happy with the service provided. Luis has done the coordination between the building company and ourselves and now our house is finished after 1 year, to our entire satisfaction. We hope to spend much time here to enjoy the beautiful region around our second home now!

Danka e Pierre

The house is really above our dreams, it offers everything we ever wanted. The construction is above standard, this is really exceptional workmanship! And we both know what we are saying… The region is amazing, the food is good and the Portuguese are very nice people. Thank you Immo Portugal!

Natalie e Yves

What initially seemed to be a crazy idea, has meanwhile grown into the wonderful realisation of our holiday home in Óbidos. It still seems like a crazy idea .... because what do you do if you don't speak the language, don't know the laws and customs of the country and you want to build a home "in the strangers" and that from scratch. Thanks to Immo Portugal, this process went very smoothly for us, without any problems actually. They have succeeded in finding reliable, local partners who assisted us with the purchase of the construction land and who provided a flawless service in the construction of our home. Add to this the cordiality, professionalism and craftsmanship of the Portuguese yourself and you know you have a winning combination!

Caroline e Gui

Friends of us advised us to go to Immo Portugal. As we were considering buying a property in Portugal, we did. We were not deceived. A strong combination of professionalism combined with authentic passion made us decide to buy. All employees we met, have made a very positive impression. I recommend Immo Portugal as a serious partner when considering buying in Portugal.


During the entire process, Immo Portugal and partners were our perfect guide to purchase a new apartment in Salir do Porto overlooking the bay. Thank you!

An e Luc

In the beginning there was the pleasant introduction of Tim. Then there was Rita who showed us around that day in September 2017, allowing us to make our final choice right away. The last year there was Luis who often helped us with making choices and who has always continued to help us in a pleasant way. We are also satisfied with the services of the lawyer, Mr Rui Manuel Tibério. Finally there is Ricardo and the people from DL Ambientes who have created a beautiful interior. The result is amazing. We can therefore more than recommend Immo Portugal's services. Thanks again and maybe see you soon.

Anne e Eddy

We have visited for the first time in November 2013 the Bay of São Martinho do Porto and we went with An-Sofie to the location that we had marked on our as our favourite. Immediately we fell in love with the village of Salir do Porto where our plot was situated in a new urbanisation. We were fortunate to start with a ' greenfield ' so we still could do quite a few qualitative enhancements to the construction plans. The home decoration & furniture we left up to our property management partner. Our villa was completely finished in July 2015 and we have spent our first holiday there straight away. We may also say that the support of Immo Portugal and the builder was exceptional since they always have tried to help us to restore small defects or irregularities, but also helped us with some additional unforeseen requests by us. Even now, four years after finishing, we still appeal to the free support of the builder for the replacement of defect garden lamps, dimmer transformers, repairing of paint damage, replacing ventilation motor etc... And also until today An-Sofie still advices us on how we best do some things in Portugal Meanwhile, there are already a lot of friends  that have been on vacation in our house and two of them also have purchased a house with Immo Portugal in the region. Given the enthusiasm of our visitors, they are certainly still more to come .... Saudades de Costa de Prata.

Rudi & Katrien

At the end of February 2019 we received the key of our newly built villa bought through Immo Portugal. Both in Belgium and in Portugal we always received the necessary information. Beautifully finished villa with quality material. Very good follow-up of the construction process, with several photos sent by e-mail every month. Highly recommended to realize your dream house !!!

Sarah e Wesley

Our dream was to start a B&B in Portugal and it has become reality! Thanks to Immo Portugal we have found our dream location and dream house and we have successfully started our B&B. Due to the smooth progress of both sales and construction, we were able to move to this beautiful region already after 1 year. Thank you Immo Portugal!

Ronnie e Kristel

After searching for a number of years at the Belgian coast, France and the Algarve, we found during a holiday in Albufeira an advertisement about Immo Portugal. The meeting we had with Mr. Tim Demeyer went really well. Tim is professional, has a client-oriented approach, the portfolio and the Flemish roots of the Business in Portugal  has created immediately the necessary confidence and trust. Immo Portugal is different from other players in the market, thanks to a very customer-centric approach, where they really listen and make a tailor-made proposal to you. The project Nazaré Views with a the view on the village of Nazaré and the ocean, was right away our thing because of the excellent value for money, good build quality and finishings, the excellent and exclusive views, a swimming pool and a large closed garage. Immo Portugal maintains good contacts with good contractors and project developers and can, together with these factors, put a high-quality and contemporary offer at a competitive price in the Portuguese market. In the meantime, we have a lot of Belgian and Portuguese friends and we look constantly forward to the next time to visit the beautiful Portugal. We are a big fan of Immo Portugal and Nazaré became our second home. Stien & Wouter

S e W de Waregem

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