The Immo Portugal Membership Card

Our clients are being rewarded with an 'Immo Portugal Membership Card'. With this card you can enjoy a wide range of benefits. There are three different types: The Bronze Membership Card, The Silver Membership Card &
The Golden Membership Card.

The Bronze
Membership Card

People who had an appointment in one of our offices are eligible for a Bronze Membership Card.
When presenting this card to one of our partners, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits, discounts and extras.
To receive a complete list of all our Partners, please contact us or click here.

The Silver
Membership Card

Clients who bought a unit through Immo Portugal, are rewarded with a Silver Membership Card.
With this card, you enjoy all the benefits and extras of the Bronze Membership Card as well.
In addition, you will receive annually a box of delicious Portuguese wine (to collect in our office in Portugal) for the next 5 years.

The Golden
Membership Card

A Golden Membership Card is awarded to clients who purchased two properties through Immo Portugal or clients who bought 1 house and introduced another client who also made a purchase.
This Membership Card enjoys all the same benefits as the Bronze and Silver Membership Cards, but on top of that, you receive a nice reward from us to thank you for being such a loyal client.

For this reward, you will receive a wine voucher of €1000 to make purchases in the largest wine trade of the Silver Coast “Estado Liquido”, located in Caldas da Rainha.

In order to claim a Golden Membership Card in the case where a new customer was introduced, the new customer must inform us about the referral within a maximum of 1 month after the purchase (signed purchase contract).

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