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Leisure Launch International Sociedade Imobiliária Lda. (hereinafter “Immo Portugal”) recognises the importance of protecting your personal data. For that reason, we have developed a set of safety measures that aim to protect the personal data of all our partners, employees and customers, as well as all users of our website

In this Privacy Policy, we explain what is the purpose of the data we collect online, how we treat this information, who we share it with, how long we keep it as well as ways to get in touch with us and exercise your data protection rights.

All users should carefully read this Privacy Policy and decide, freely and voluntarily, if they want to provide their personal data to Immo Portugal. The user guarantees that he/she is a legal adult and all data shared online is true, complete and updated, and he/she is responsible for any damage or loss, direct or indirect, that may result from the non-observance of such obligation. If you have any questions regarding the way we treat and protect your personal data, you may contact Immo Portugal using the e-mail [email protected].


This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data collected through the website


Your data will be treated by Immo Portugal (Leisure Launch International Sociedade Imobiliária Lda., NIF 503225460, with headquarters at Largo 28 de Maio, nº 2-H R/C 2460-682 São Martinho do Porto, Portugal), based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You may contact Immo Portugal regarding any question related to this Privacy Policy through the email [email protected].


Personal data processed on the website includes:

  • Data collected through contact forms: e.g., name, telephone and email. Immo Portugal processes this data in order to respond to requests from potential clients or institutional partners. Providing the information requested in the scope of the above-mentioned contact forms is mandatory, without them, it is not possible to serve the requested purposes.
  • Data obtained through website browsing: e.g., visited web pages, interest in content, access times, device type. Immo Portugal processes a limited quantity of user data for web optimization purposes. This data is processed in order to improve user experience and manage the provided services. For this purpose we use third-party analytics providers, including Google Analytics, You may opt out of Google Analytics by clicking here:
  • Immo Portugal also uses remarketing and behavioural targeting services in the interest of the analysis, optimization, and economic operation of our online offer, namely Google Ads Remarketing and Facebook Remarketing. If you wish to opt out of interest-based advertising through Google Marketing Services, you may use Google’s settings and opt-out options: For more information and the ability to control your Facebook preferences, please visit


Immo Portugal keeps and processes personal data only for the time necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, with possible contacts during this period by email, telephone or SMS.

Real estate brokerage companies in Portugal are legally obliged by the Regime Jurídico da Atividade de Mediação Imobiliária (legal framework for real estate activities) and by the Regime de Prevenção e Combate ao Branqueamento de Capitais e Financiamento do Terrorismo (legal framework for preventing money laundering and terrorist financing) to archive clients’ personal data for seven years. After this period, all personal data will be deleted except in situations where the user gives Immo Portugal his free, specific and informed consent.


By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you are giving Immo Portugal permission to process your personal data specifically for the above-mentioned purposes. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, although that right does not jeopardize the consent previously provided in regard to the compliance of a contract or other legal obligations to which Immo Portugal is subject.

In order to revoke your consent, you may contact us through the address: Leisure Launch International Sociedade Imobiliária Lda., Largo 28 de Maio, n.º 2-H R/C 2460-682 São Martinho do Porto, Portugal; or the email: [email protected].


Immo Portugal may share your personal data with other Leisure Launch partner companies only in situations in which our clients specifically request our assistance in providing them with complimentary real estate services from our partners. For more information about these recipients, you may contact us through the address: Leisure Launch International Sociedade Imobiliária Lda., Largo 28 de Maio, n.º 2-H R/C 2460-682 São Martinho do Porto, Portugal; or the email: [email protected].

Leisure Launch partner companies will only receive the personal data needed for their services and exclusively for the above-mentioned intended purposes with the instructions issued by Immo Portugal, strictly complying with the legal standards regarding personal data protection, information security and other applicable standards.


While Immo Portugal keeps or processes personal data all users may, at any time and free of charge, exercise the following rights:

  • Access right – the right to ask for a copy of the information we have on you;
  • Rectification right – the right to correct all data that you consider inaccurate or incomplete;
  • Right to be forgotten – you may request that the data we have on you be deleted from all our records;
  • Right to restriction of processing – when certain conditions apply, you have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data;
  • Portability right – the right to have your data transferred to another organization;
  • Right to object – the right to object to certain types of processing;
  • Right to object to automated processing, including profiling;
  • Right to judicial remedy – in case Immo Portugal refuses your request according to the access right, we will explain the reason.

The above-mentioned rights may be exercised through the address: Leisure Launch International Sociedade Imobiliária Lda., Largo 28 de Maio, n.º 2-H R/C 2460-682 São Martinho do Porto, Portugal; or the email: [email protected].


Users that want to file a complaint regarding the way their personal data is being processed by Immo Portugal, or the way their complaint has been handled, have the right to complain directly to Immo Portugal or the Portuguese supervisory authority: Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados, Av. D. Carlos I, 134 – 1.º, 1200-651 Lisboa, Portugal, Telephone: (+ 351) 21 392 84 00, Fax: (+ 351) 21 397 68 32, Email: [email protected]


Immo Portugal applies several technical and organizational measures adequate to protect the users’ personal data, including the use of safe servers, firewall and data encryption.


Our website uses session cookies, which are small information files sent from the website server to the user’s browser and stored in their computer. These temporary cookies remain in the cookie archive only during the use of the website. Those cookies will be used only by Immo Portugal to analyse web traffic patterns, allowing us to identify problems and to provide a better user experience.

Immo Portugal may review the Privacy Policy of whenever it is necessary to fulfil legal or technological requirements. Any changes will be disclosed on this online page.

If you have questions regarding our Privacy Policy, you may contact us through the address: Leisure Launch International Sociedade Imobiliária Lda., Largo 28 de Maio, n.º 2-H R/C 2460-682 São Martinho do Porto, Portugal; or the email: [email protected].

Last edited: April 2021