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The Silver Coast in Portugal is more and more known as interesting investment area.

The Silver Coast, also called Costa de Prata , is known as one of the most interesting growth regions at this time. This region was previously declared as one of the best regions to invest by Channel 4.

This region is ideal for people who do not like mass tourism but also do not want to be too isolated and too far away from everything.
Here you can find a combination of real pristine beaches as well as more tourist beaches.
This region is also famous for its cultural cities recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage.
Surfers and golfers also have a lot of possibilities here to practice their sport.

But especially real estate prices are still interesting in this area.
An apartment within walking distance of the beach, you can still find easily here around € 120,000 depending on the size and a villa with private swimming pool for € 200,000

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The Silver Coast extends from Espinho in the North to Ericeira in the South. This area is characterized by its diversity : beautiful rocky coasts alternate with golden beaches, varied nature and picturesque villages. There are also many rivers and streams that provide a lush vegetation.


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Beach resorts with beautiful sandy beaches are here available. The crystal clear water and unpolluted environment are the main attractions of these beaches. Wide sandy beaches can be found near Peniche, the most western city of Europe. From Peniche one can do excursions by boat to the beautiful Berlenga Islands. Ericeira also has a nice wide beach. The waves of Areia Branca attract surfers and bodyboarders. San Martinho do Porto and Salir do Porto, located on a bay, are very popular for families with small children because of the safe and warm bathing water .
Another very popular seaside resort is Foz do Arelho, also called the "Knokke" of the Silver Coast. Here people come especially for the beautiful lagoon of Obidos which opens on the wild Atlantic Ocean.
For golfers who like to essay their technique, the courses of the Costa de Prata cause strong feelings. There are dozen golf courses and the surrounding hills, the sea and the beach are the ideal site for long walks or bicycle tours, diving, surfing and rowing . Today, in this region moreover than 10 new golf courses are to be built ... a real golf paradise! It is not without reason that this region was named THE European golf destination !
Also the huge offer of culture attracts many people. 
Sintra is one of those places, which are full of secrets and magic, where nature and people live in such a perfect harmony, so that UNESCO has put the city on the World Heritage list. The city of Caldas da Rainha owes its name to the thermal springs. Nazaré , with its mild climate and large scenic beauty , possesses one of the oldest fishing traditions of Portugal. Also places like the walled city of Obidos, the famous pilgrimage site of Fatima, Torres Vedras, Alcobaça etc. are definitely worth a visit.

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The Sun is not lacking on the Costa de Prata! The climate there is healthy and mild with plenty of sunshine also during the winter months. In the peak of the summer temperatures are around 30 degrees maximum, and in winter the temperature rarely drops below 15 degrees and 10 degrees at night.

Moreover , the Silver Coast is less than one hour driving from the capital Lisbon and is thereby quickly and easily reached from any major airport in Europe. Today, there are already more than 10 flights a day coming from Brussels-National , and sometimes you can fly already to and back from Lisbon for less than 50 euro.
The region has received many grants in recent years from the Portuguese Government as well as from Europe, whereby a large number of beach resorts are made more attractive for tourists. One of the biggest projects still on, is the conversion of the port in Nazaré into a sports harbour, along with a luxury resort that will be linked.
For investors who are interested in purchasing a second home also plays that the Silver Coast is currently one of the most important areas when it comes to the market for second homes. It is a region that continues to develop in the direction of a luxurious and attractive area for tourism of high level. Now is the time to invest in the Costa de Prata, where the value of property increases each year. According to "A Place in the Sun" this region has the potential to realize next decade an increase in value of real estate up to 360%. Also according to the English Channel 4, the Silver Coast is now Booming Business: the region was chosen as the 3rd best location for investors in Europe.
Moreover , this area is not yet discovered by mass and has thereby still relatively very low prices. You can still find here a luxury villa with private swimming pool for about 200,000 €, an apartment located in one of the beach resorts around the 120,000 € depending on the size.
In short, on the Costa de Prata you live between the warm & welcoming Portuguese people . You can enjoy there pure nature , tranquility and good food. The combination of a rugged unspoilt nature with the facilities of a great city like Lisbon, makes this area irresistably attractive for many investors and tourists. 
Thereby a house in this area is not only a beautiful second home but also a very solid investment!

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