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The Immo Portugal Membership card

Immo Portugal introduces its Membership Cards!

From now on, our clients will be rewarded with a 'Immo Portugal Membership Card'. With this card you can enjoy a wide range of benefits. There are three different types:

Image 2 The Immo Portugal Membership card


The Bronze Membership Card

People who had an appointment in one of or offices are eligible for a Bronze Membership card. When presenting this card to one of our partners, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits, discounts and extras. A full list of our partners can be found on our website.


Image 2 The Immo Portugal Membership card

The Silver Membership Card

Clients who bought a unit through Immo Portugal, are presented with a Silver Membership card. With this card you enjoy all the benefits and extras of the Bronze Membership card. In addition you will annualy receive a box of delicious Portuguese wine (to collect in one of our offices) for the next 5 years.

Image 2 The Immo Portugal Membership card


The Golden Membership Card

A Golden Membership card is awarded to clients who purchased two properties through Immo Portugal or clients who bought 1 house and introduced another client who also made a purchase.
This membership card enjoys all the same benifits as the Bronze and Silver Membership cards.
On top of that, golden membership holders, receive a wine voucher of 1.000€ to make purchases in the largest wine trade of the Silver Coast "Estado Liquido", located in Caldas da Rainha.

In order to claim for a Golden Membership card in the case where a new customer is introduced, the new customer must inform us about the referral within a maximum of 1 month after the purchase (signed purchase contract).
To pick up the wine voucher, an appointment must be made at the office in Portugal.

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